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Specialised Motion Analysis Platform for Children & Teens

Developed by world leading scientists. Trusted by world leading brands.





Trusted by leaders across Sports, Health & Education, MoveAhead is the go-to platform for digitising children’s movement science, data and analytics.

Utilising 15 years of scientific research and the largest data repository in the world of children's movement performance, MoveAhead's advanced computer vision software is the first of its kind built specifically for children and teens. With a range of versatile digital tools, Apps and games, MoveAhead delivers precise movement analysis and interactive experiences tailored to the digital lifestyle’s of modern youth.

What We Offer

What we do:

MoveAhead empowers objective measurement, skill development, and progress tracking of youth players, on and off the field of play.

In Sports

How it works

Games & Tools


Our platform embeds seamlessly into Apps, games and tools, enriching experiences of sport for children, clubs and communities. 
Combining motion analysis with gamification and feedback, MoveAhead enhances children's connection with sports they love.
MoveAhead centralises objective measurements and analysis reports by linking games, Apps and tools to a customisable dashboard

Trusted by world-leading brands to deliver
custom solutions



15 years of scientific research underpinning platform design and development.


A proprietary global data repository ensuring accuracy and understanding for ALL children.


State of the art normative results to personalise and contextualise movement performance and feedback.


Efficient and accessible technology and tools that run on any device with a camera.

Why we need to MoveAhead..

Screentime:     Children average 6 hours of screentime daily. This can have positive impact but largely negative impact on physical development

Poor Skills:       The majority of children and teens can no longer hop, skip, catch, kick or even run properly. This means they struggle to achieve success in physically active tasks, and ‘drop out’ or avoid participation

The Potential:    Technology is used to dance on tik-tok, stream sporting events and count steps..

..MoveAhead ‘meets children and teens where they are’ to bring physical development and insights on movement performance into their increasingly digital lives

Our team

MoveAhead’s team has over 50 years of academic & research experience in kids’ motor skill acquisition, motion analysis and Machine Learning. We have published over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers covering motor skill acquisition and physical literacy in youth (diverse populations) as well as on topics related to design and development of motion analysis tools to support kids’ motor development. Our machine learning expertise spans signal processing, gesture recognition, deep learning, biomechanics and multi-modal processing. We also recognise the profound importance of motion analysis in relation to children's data privacy and boast extensive knowledge and experience in navigating data and AI regulations.


The Team is led by:

CEO, Johann Issartel (Ph.D in Behavioural Neuroscience)


CPO, Jamie McGann (Ph.D in Computer Science) 

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